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This wonderful stamp sheet has been issued by San Marino posts; it's available in Mint condition, please see below for details and click the buttons Click to add to cart to buy it with your Credit card or email us for Money order/Personal check order or more details.

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Add to Cart (San Marino AC Milan Centenary 1999, MINT) US$7.99 Click to add to cart

Stamp sheet containing 6 stamps with the following pictues:
1) - ITL 800 (0.41 euro), Italian Champions 1901
2) - ITL (0.41), Gren, Nordahl and Liedholm
3) - ITL (0.41), Milan at Wembley in 1963
4) - ITL (0.41), Milan at Vienna in 1990
5) - ITL (0.41), Italian Champions 1994
6) - ITL (0.41), Italian Champions 1999

San Marino AC Milan Centenary 1999, MINT - US$9.99  Click to add to cart

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